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International Year of Light initiative

Light for Change

Under the slogan “Light for Change”, the United Nations, following the initiative of UNESCO, has proclaimed 2015 as the “International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies”.  The significance of light as a fundamental basis of sustenance for humans, animals, and plants will be recognised throughout the year.  Moreover, the central importance of light in human culture and civilization will be on display.  Light has been influencing people’s lives since ancient times.  In the scientific world, the influence of light began with the study of the movements of stars and planets, which consequently brought about a better understanding of the entire cosmos.

Photonics, the science of light particles, plays a key role in our information society, contributing to the development of new means of communication.  Without pulses of light, there would be no internet or satellite phones.  Light-based laser technology has broadened the range of medical treatment possibilities as well.

But light also affects the biorhythms of humans, animals, and plants.  The focal points of this commemorative year will include light pollution, as well as sustainable lighting and the development of affordable and energy-efficient light sources for developing countries.  Numerous events, panel discussions, and expert meetings will take place.