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Partner Year of Light

As a leading provider of festive lighting installations we want to share our success with others by demonstrating how our displays have a positive impact on people and environments.  We are not only committed to our own business, but strive to be the driving force for the latest trends and industry-wide sustainable development.  Advancements in light technology is central to our success, and it is for this reason that we are sponsoring the United Nations’ International Year of Light initiative.

According to a United Nations study, lighting accounts for 20% of energy consumption worldwide.  Our patented LEDs are not only our own contribution to energy conservation – we also hope that they contribute to a greater public awareness of new technologies for energy-efficient solutions.

In many places around the world, people have no light at all after nightfall – or nothing more than kerosene lamps or candlelight.  This is harmful to their health and impairs their opportunities for development.  By sponsoring this United Nations initiative, we are raising our stakeholders’ awareness of this issue, and hope we can make an ongoing contribution towards sustainable development.