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MK Illumination’s involvement in sustainable lighting projects


Lighting displays need to attract, impress, and affect people emotionally.  But a forward-looking display should also be done in a sustainable manner.  The main factors to achieving this are in the energy consumption and lifespan of the products.

The greatest CO2 emissions occur during the manufacturing process of each product.  Therefore the only effective course of action is to increase the lifespan of the products – and this is always a benchmark for quality as well.

For quite some time now, we have been exclusively using patented LEDs, made by renowned manufacturers, that guarantee long-lasting high lumen values.  This ensures both consistently brilliant light colours and a long lifespan, meaning the lights are changed less frequently.  On top of that, these high-quality LEDs consume up to 80% less energy.

For us, safety and compliance are the basic requirements of quality – efficiency and sustainability are naturally the next step.

With our very own BUY SMART campaign, our customers are also constantly reminded of the importance of purchasing high-quality lighting.