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What light is all about

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“Taking responsibility for the environment and the community is part of our day-to-day work.  As key players in the industry, we’ve taken on the task of serving as a paragon and benchmark for efficient and environmentally friendly lighting technology.”
Thomas Mark, President, MK Illumination


“Our headquarters are located in the Austrian Alps and our production facilities are in Slovakia’s High Tatra Mountains – in other words, we’re in some of the most beautiful regions in Europe.  As a result, we’re reminded every day of just how important it is to think about the environment and about future generations.”
Klaus Mark, CEO, MK Illumination


“Throughout the world, across all cultures, people use light – particularly decorative lighting – to manifest emotions.  Light mesmerizes, creates a feel-good atmosphere, and, in some places, even represents a glimmer of hope.  We’re always trying to use our enormous lighting displays to make people just a little bit happier.”
Marie Mark, Shareholder, MK Illumination